Former Scarlets and Wales scrum half Rupert Moon has delivered a heartfelt plea for fans at today’s Autumn Nations series finale between Wales and Australia to support The Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust via digital donations.

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Moon has been a proud trustee of the WRCT since 2012 and is an avid supporter of the trust which has helped catastrophically injured players in Wales since 1972.

“Funds are tight, you can help by donating via the text number you will see around the stadium to help these players for the rest of their lives,” he says.

The Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust was established in 1972 by former President of the Welsh Rugby Union Sir Tasker Watkins VC to help players who have been severely injured while playing rugby.

In the years since it was created, hundreds of male and female players – from grassroots rugby to the elite game – have been supported by the Trust. Some receive help on a short-term basis where fortunately they have gone on to make good recoveries. But sadly, many have suffered life-changing injuries which have had a devastating impact not only on their lives but on their families.

The Trust is currently supporting a number 37 men and women, on a long-term basis who have been severely injured playing rugby. All have suffered catastrophic injuries, many so severe that they will never walk again, are paraplegic or tetraplegic, with some having undergone amputations as a direct result of their injuries.

“Today’s collection is important for the Trust not only because it is an opportunity to raise much needed funds but as an occasion when the work for injured players undertaken by the Trust can be brought to the attention of the clubs and the Welsh rugby public,” explained Peter Owens, the honorary secretary of the trust.

“Next year the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. For over half of the last century the WRCT has assisted hundreds of Welsh rugby players who have been financially affected following a rugby injury.

“Some of those players have suffered severe injuries from which they will not completely recover. They are assisted on a permanent basis by the Trust.

“Others suffer temporary problems as a result of injuries and the Trust offers help to solve these problems.”

The Trust’s principal aim is to enhance the quality of life of players who have suffered terrible injuries. It strives to offer practical, educational and social support. In the early days of an injury this may include covering the costs of families visiting their loved one in hospital.

When an injured player returns home, help provided can include funding significant house adaptations like wet-rooms and ramps, hoists, wheelchairs and specially adapted cars to restore mobility and independence.

The Trust has also offered financial support towards rehabilitation, counselling, career advice, educational opportunities and retraining.

It provides Christmas and summer holiday grants to the severely injured players and hosts a number of social events for players and their families. This network creates the Trust’s unique sense of family.


To donate £1, text ZXGJ01 to 70201

To donate £3, text ZXGJ01 to 70331

To donate £5, text ZXGJ01 to 70970

To donate £10 text ZXGJ01 to 70191