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Member Club Application

Member Club

Welsh Rugby Union

Member Club Ticket Application Conditions

The Welsh Rugby Union Limited (the “WRU”) allocates and issues tickets for events and rugby matches at Principality Stadium (the “Stadium”) to WRU Member Clubs (the “Clubs”) only upon these Ticket Application Conditions, the Ticket Distribution Conditions and the Stadium Ground Rules (the “Terms”) and by applying for an allocation of WRU Tickets the Club accepts and agrees to the Terms.

In these Conditions the following definitions apply:

“Club Member(s)” means an individual who is a bona fide member of a Club, appointed in accordance with the Club’s constitution and has been a member for 2 weeks or more prior to the purchase or receipt of Tickets. The decision of the WRU shall be final and binding in the event of any dispute as to whether someone is a genuine Club Member.

“Genuine Sponsor” means a company, firm or person (who is not a Restricted Person unless the Club has obtained prior written consent from the WRU), who sponsors a Club and receives a benefit from that Club (which is not limited to the supply of Tickets for Welsh international rugby football matches) and has done so not less than 2 months before the purchase or receipt of Tickets. The decision of the WRU shall be final and binding in the event of any dispute as to whether someone is a Genuine Sponsor.

“Official Licensed Operator” means any third party which is authorised or licensed by the WRU to purchase a Ticket(s) from the Clubs for use in official Packages, as notified to the Clubs by the WRU from time to time.

“Package” means the supply of a Ticket(s) with additional benefit(s) including (without limitation) accommodation, food, drink and/or travel.

“Restricted Person” means

  1. a ticketing, travel, retail or corporate hospitality person or company (that is not an Official Licensed Operator);
  2. anyone offering, or through a third party supplying, catering facilities on the date of an event held at the Stadium (that is not an Official Licensed Operator);
  3. an officer, agent, employee or licensee of any of the above.

“Transferee” means a Club Member, a WRU Member Club, WRU affiliated organisations, Genuine Sponsor and Official Licensed Operator.

“Ticket” means a ticket allocated to and obtained by a Club directly from the WRU for rugby football union matches, save for any match to which the WRU shall not apply the Terms.

  1. Application Process
  2. The WRU is authorising the Club as its agent to distribute Tickets in a fair and transparent manner to Transferees, following receipt of the Club’s application form and purchase by the Club.
  3. The full price of the Tickets applied for must be paid in accordance with the WRU’s terms for payment of Tickets from time to time. The face value of the Ticket includes VAT. The Club is liable to account for any VAT applicable thereto.


  1. Transfer of Tickets
  2. A Club may only transfer a Ticket to a Transferee. The Club may charge an administration fee per Ticket, such fee being capped at a limit that would not allow the Club to profit from the transfer of the Ticket to a Transferee or such other sum as WRU shall fix from time to time.
  3. Other than to an Official Licensed Operator, a Ticket shall not be transferred, resold or supplied above face value. A Ticket cannot be advertised for sale at above face value, other than by or through an Official Licensed Operator. A Ticket cannot be used as a prize, or as part of a competition, or in any promotional or similar activity, without the prior written consent of the WRU.
  4. A Ticket shall not be purchased or obtained from or through any person, commercial agent, company or otherwise than directly from the WRU and its authorised agents.
  5. Only Tickets may be transferred to Genuine Sponsors.
  6. Tickets may not be resold, transferred, supplied or advertised for sale as part of a Package except by an Official Licensed Operator.
  7. The Club must ensure that the Terms are incorporated into all agreements (whether written or oral) to supply Tickets to Transferees and that it only supplies Tickets to Transferees on terms that those Transferees accept the terms, including the prohibition in relation to supplying as part of a Package or selling or offering to sell or transferring Tickets at above face value, or to advertise those Tickets.
  8. Any Ticket supplied or obtained in breach of the Terms shall be void and all rights conferred therewith shall be nullified. Any person seeking to use a Ticket obtained in breach of the Terms in order to gain or provide access to or remain at the Stadium will be a trespasser and will be liable to be refused entry or evicted from the Stadium, and be liable to legal action.
  9. Any Ticket supplied to or by any Transferee in breach of the Terms will render the Club liable as outlined in the conditions included in paragraph 5 below. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes any publication or advertisement via the internet or elsewhere with the intent to resell or promote for commercial gain, including the inclusion of a Ticket in any Package which is not sold by the WRU and/or an Official Licensed Operator.
  10. A Club must keep a full and detailed record of the Ticket details and the name and address of the Transferees to whom it has supplied Tickets for a minimum of 2 years and must provide such information to the WRU within 7 days of any written request to do so. The Club shall be responsible for obtaining any and all consents required when transferring the Tickets and to enable the Club to disclose the relevant information to the WRU, including any consent or permission required pursuant to the Data Protection Act 2018.
  11. A ticket holder has the right to occupy the seat stated on the ticket and the WRU reserves the right to provide an alternative seat to that specified on the Ticket.


  1. Genuine Sponsors
  2. A Club as part of a sponsorship arrangement may supply Tickets to a Genuine Sponsor in return for cash or benefits in kind, provided that any supply must be subject to the Terms and in particular conditions n to r below.
  3. A Club must ensure that neither it nor its agents use Tickets as the sole or main incentive for any person, firm or company to become a Genuine Sponsor or Club Member. A Club must ensure that agents or members used to find Genuine Sponsors do not offer to those entities Tickets for events at the Stadium before they have entered into a contract with the Club to become a Genuine Sponsor.
  4. A Club may not enter into a sponsorship arrangement with a person, firm or company that is or has been introduced to the Club by a Restricted Person, unless the Club obtains the prior written approval of the WRU.
  5. A Club must not use their right to sell Tickets to a Genuine Sponsor or Club Member as a means of circumventing (or the effect of which is the circumvention of) the Terms.
  6. Any Genuine Sponsor (other than a WRU sponsor) will not be permitted to use any Ticket as a prize, or as part of a competition, or in any promotional or similar activity, or as part of any hospitality or travel or other commercial package or for any media purpose without the prior written consent of the WRU. Any Genuine Sponsor must not pass (or attempt to pass) itself off as a WRU Sponsor.
  7. A Club must ensure that each arrangement to supply Tickets to a Genuine Sponsor is in writing and the details are minuted in the Clubs records which must be available for inspection by the WRU upon the written request of the WRU at any time. A Club must ensure that the agreement includes the express terms outlined above.
  8. Cancellation and Refunds
  9. The WRU does not guarantee that an advertised event will take place at a particular time or on a particular date. The WRU reserves the right to cancel, postpone, abandon or reschedule its advertised events. In the event of any curtailment or cancellation of an event due to any cause no refund of money can be made. In the event of postponement, the Ticket will be valid for the postponed date.  All personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to an event which has been arranged by the Ticket holder is at their own risk.
  10. Following receipt of a Club’s application form, there is no right to cancel a Ticket purchase and/or claim any refund.
  11. Breach of Ticket Application Conditions
  12. A Club which breaches any of the Terms may (in the absolute discretion of the WRU) have its entitlement to buy Tickets removed and/or suspended and/or have financial and/or any other sanctions imposed against it.
  13. A Club, Transferee or other recipient of Tickets which breaches any of the Terms may (in the absolute discretion of the WRU) be liable to legal action.
  14. Tickets are the absolute responsibility of the Club to whom they have been issued and the Club agrees that notwithstanding that any misuse of Tickets allocated to it or the breach of one or more of these Ticket Application Conditions may have been outside its control and/or without its knowledge the Club remains liable to one or more of the sanctions in condition v.
  15. All Tickets (in whatever form) remain the property of the WRU at all times.
  16. These Ticket Application Conditions also apply to tickets acquired by the Club otherwise than from the WRU and incorporate the Ticket Distribution Conditions which can be found here

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